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Anyone used Algebra: A Complete Course?

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Has anyone used Algebra: A Complete Course by VideoText Interactive? If so, what have you thought of it?


My dd13 is currently using Life of Fred Decimals & Percents and Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra. She likes LoF, but she keeps saying that she's not a fan of TT and wishes she could go back to R&S, but they end at 8th grade. R&S Publishers sells Algebra: A Complete Course as their high school math option, but they do not produce it. They have a very positive review of the program by Dr. Jay Wyle on their site, and we like the Apologia science materials.


I have ordered the sample CD, but it is a pricey program, so I'd like as much feedback as possible before scraping together the money for it.



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We are using it now, so I can't tell you how it turns out. After years of sitting in homeschool talks under the author and thinking what a sharp man he was, I decided to buy his program. My dc really like it, and they seem to be really retaining the concepts.


The price was a factor for me, too. I bought the first half on HomeschoolClassifieds.com for half the price. If you needed it for even less, you can get the old videotape ones used for a really low price. I plan to sell the first half and buy the second half in a few months. If I do well selling it used, I won't have paid for the program at all. :001_smile:

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