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OT--which Earth shoes to get?

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I need new shoes. I tend to wear the same pair or 2. Over the summer I wore a pair of Earth sandals that I loved. Either that or my Birks. The last few winters, I've worn Danskos, but I've twisted my ankle one too many times in them, and I'm ready for something new. Since I like my Earth sandals so much, I'm looking at a pair of them. But I can't decide which. I prefer something that slips on, but has a closed back because of the snow around here [not deep but enough I don't want to be wearing clogs]

Here's the Zappos selection: http://www.zappos.com/search/brand/380/filter/categoryFacet/%22Shoes%22/gender/%22Womens%22/productTypeFacet/%22Shoes%22/sort/isNew/desc/productPopularity/asc/

I wonder if any of you have personal experience with any of these. I don't want anything too dressy, but nice enough to wear with trousers or khakis. Something comfy, easy to slip on, good arch support.



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I have two pair of the Exer-clogs-1 in dark brown & 1 in charcoal or dark gray. I like the look of them & thought they would be comfortable like other clogs I have. I got them for $40.00 ea. online with free shipping, BUT they are just too tight. I really want to be able to wear them and hoped they would stretch or break in, so I didn't return them right away, because I was so wanting them to be my next daily clog to wear. I have Haflingers, LL Bean type "Danskos", & Crocs. So I really like clogs. These however had a type of synthetic type liner & weren't going to stretch for anything. I usually wear wide width with less $ shoes & usually can get away with regular width by ordering 1/2 size up, but not with these. The foot bed is a little odd at first & I tried to give to dd, but she thought they were strange.


I would find a style you like & then look up on Amazon possibly & read reviews on that particular style as far as fit.



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