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Remember when I asked about aquatic plants?

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Several people responded with GREAT ideas - pond studies, making our own pond, etc. I got some awesome info.


I was stuck on making the pond, though. I decided we'd have to wait until spring to do it, because I don't know what will happen to it over the winter, and frankly, I'm just not ready to go there yet. :D When I was talking to my mom about it, she mentioned a fish tank. Talk about a light bulb moment! I have a tank in the perfect size. When we went to PetSmart, there was a wonderfully knowledgeable young man who gave us great information. I'm excited to get going with it, and will let you know how we progress.


Again, thanks for all the wonderful info from everyone who responded. I love coming here - someone always knows the answers. :001_wub:

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