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Essential Fall Wardrobe?

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Okay, I am pretty much starting from scratch since my fall/winter clothes are worn to threads and my kids have outgrown all their stuff. I need a couple of lists to help me shop with purpose. So, what items are really needed for each of the categories below? Say that one nice pair of blue jeans, a nice winter coat and snow clothes are already on the list. What would you add?



Adult woman - stay at home/church going/occasional business-dresser


Teen boys


Teen girl


Five year old girl

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Adult woman -

1 nice dress suitable for church, weddings, funerals, and business dinners

1 pair of dress slacks or skirt (if you don't wear dresses, get 2 pair of slacks)

2 tops to go with dress pants/skirt and good jeans

3-4 pairs of jeans, corduroy, or casual skirts

1 pair knit pants or sweatpants

5 turtlenecks or long-sleeved tops

1 cardigan or wrap for wearing with dress outfits

1-2 sweaters or fleece for casual wear


5 year old girl

2 church outfits

5 jeans or skirt and legging combos

2 sweatpants

5-7 long sleeved tops

1-2 sweatshirts or fleece

1 sweater



Teens - (they will want more, set a budget and let them buy their own)

2 church outfits

4-5 pair jeans or sweatpants

5 long-sleeved tops

2 sweatshirt or fleece

1 sweater


Shoes -

1 pair dress shoes (women and girls)

1 pair sneakers

1 pair clogs, casual shoes, or 2nd pair of sneakers

1 pair winter boots

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I am sooo into fall clothing...love the layering, jackets, scarves, hats, and all. I try to find jackets that I can wear many ways. This year I have bought 2 jackets(one from Chico and one from Coldwater Creek) and they are ones that I can dress up or down with jeans/slacks and boots/heels/flats.

I also try to buy basic long sleeve tees that I can layer in a variety of colors. I have found ones that I like for a great price at Charlotte Russe in the mall. They also have some great sweaters for layering. I have bought a couple of those long sleeveless wraps that are very slimming and make you look long and lean!(even my 5' tall mil says they do!)

Boots are a definite for me...I bought tall flat heeled leather ones last year to wear with skinny jeans and this year I have added some suede ankle booties for a different look.

Look at TJ Maxx, Marshall's for great separates, scarves. I find most of my handbags there as well.


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