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We had a minor earthquake here this morning!

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My older two woke up about 4:40 this morning, and I heard them talking in the hallway. They said, "Did you feel that? The whole was shaking!" I made them go back to bed, but saw on the news this morning that there was an earthquake of about 5.4 (I think) in New Salem, IL, this morning. We must have felt some of that.


Strange for this part of Missouri---although we're not too far from the New Madrid fault.

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Oh yeah, I felt it! The epicenter was in West Salem, IL, a little north west of Evansville, IN. Apparently, it was felt from Chicago to Memphis.


I felt a jolt then a shake and thought, "That must be some train!" (I live by RR tracks) but there was no train noise, no whistle and then I thought, "Holy cow, that's an earthquake! Must be a 5 pointer." I got up and turned on CNN and sure enough, 5.4.

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I was so surprised to hear that on the news this morning! We had one here on Monday night that was a 6.3. They are a little interesting, huh?


My aunt was telling us about that! They live in Chimaltenango. She said she was reading and my uncle was asleep and never woke up.

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