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Glue sticks don't stay. They're probably my least favorite.


For something cheap, inexpensive, and useful to you in other areas of the house - use double-stick tape from Scotch. It's archival quality tape that you can use as little of or as much as you need. It's about the best that I ever found for ordinary scrapbooking (even tape runners were hit and miss depending on the brand you purchased).

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I absolutely hated glue sticks until I started using UHU brand. You can find them at Michael's in the glue section. I like the purple ones (dries clear) because you can see where and how much glue you put on easily. I used to design mini-albums for convention classes and booth samples for one of the manufacturers plus I worked the shows, so I got to see how they held up. The UHU held great and these samples were definitely put through the ringer. The trick is to be sure you apply glue all the way to the edges so the corners don't lift up. If any squishes out the sides, UHU is easy to rub off before it dries. It is *much* more affordable than any of the tape-runners and sticky dots.


I do use tape runners/tabs for photos and sticky dots for non-paper embellishments, plus tacky tape for other hard-to-stick things. I am kind of an adhesive junky so I use a lot of different types depending on the application. I highly recommend UHU glue sticks but I would never use any other brand.

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