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NEM, Algebra sequence question

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Would it be redundant to complete NEM 1 & 2 after a year of algebra? We just started with LOF Beginning Algebra this year. I'm adding in a few chapters from a 60s Dolciani as well.


My ds is in 7th/8th grade depending upon whether we chose to grade accelerate him at the end of the year. I have a year to play with arrangement and still have him complete at least Pre-Calc before grad.


Nan's post reminded me why we liked Singapore so well. Math is not my son's favorite subject, but he thinks very mathematically, if that makes sense.


Also if he completed NEM 1 & 2 would he need a separate geometry course? TIA

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This is very much like what I'm doing with son #4. He finished LOF Beginning Algebra in 7th, worked through AoPS Algebra and Geometry (partially) in 8th, and I'm now having him work through NEM 2. I didn't start with NEM 1 because of the overlap with the algebra he already had. I will have him continue with NEM 3 and at least part of 4.


As far as geometry goes, I asked the same question several years ago when my oldest was using NEM. Jennifer at singaporemath.com said he would need to work through some of the skills in NEM 3 in order to call it a complete geometry program.

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