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Quick health/food question


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I posted a few weeks ago about dd having pain going to the bathroom. We had a renal ultrasound and all was clear. I decided to watch closely what she was eating and drinking. I noticed that she only complained on days she would drink tea.:001_huh: She only drank it at three places and it was very sporadic. She had it at home, homemade, and also had it at home but from Publix and the last place was Panera Bread. We don't drink it that often but I noticed after everytime she would complain and be uncomfortable. What could it be. I don't think it could be sugar or caffeine because she doesn't have a problem with soda or candy (they get both on Friday nights because we have "movie night"). I'm off to Google as well but sometimes the computer and I don't get along so well. TIA!!


I wanted to add that she drinks a lot of water daily so I don't think that has anything to do with it either.

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Did she have problems with the homemade tea as well? If you used tea bags and she didn't have problems I would look at the other teas. I have problems when I drink teas made from concentrates in stores and restaurants. There is something about the concentrate stage where some thing is added, or changed that makes me ill everytime. I can't even drink those Crystal Light tea mixes. I have to ask for fresh brewed.


If fresh was made at home, I'm sorry, but I don't have any other suggestions.

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