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Decorating Advice please!

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My sister has offered us her brand newish rod iron bed w/ footboard that I LOVE. The problem is that the bed we have now matches our nightstands and has no footboard. Question #1) how bad will it the wood night stands look with the rod iron bed (they are currently unpainted and I have no problem painting or staining them) and #2) since the kids have a habit of kind of gliding (jumping) onto my bed after entering the room, how many will hurt themselves on the footboard?


Can one mix rod iron & wood? Pictures or ideas welcomed!! Dh told me I could do whatever I wanted to the very much needed update in our bedroom and I have no idea where to start!


Thanks in advance!

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1. no more jumping on parent's bed! No so good for the mattress, anyway.


2. It is your bedroom. Aside form family, who would see it? Have whatever furniture you like - if staining the nightstands pleases you, do so. Or paint a boldish, contrasting accent color to the rest of the room.


This advice from a person who still has her pine dresser and hutch from age 11 in the bedroom, along with a bed that rests on the simple metal frame that came with the mattresses 14 years ago (no headboard or foot board), nightstands from the neighbor's garage sale, and a computer desk from Ikea...and a bookshelf from Ikea, too. So take any advice from me with a grain of salt. ;)

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I love iron and wood!


Isn't there a trend against matchy-matchy decorating? (That's what dd and I call it)


As an aside...I looked quickly at your name and thought it was a shout out to that 80s band WangChung!


"Everybody have fun tonight! Everybody WangChung tonight!"



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