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Has anyone here sold books on Amazon?

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I haven't done it for a couple of years, but, yes, it's pretty simple.


They give you money for shipping which is beyond what you'll probably pay for the postage. Of course, you have to pay for something to wrap the book in, and for transportation to the post office or printing postage online, etc., so some of the extra goes to that. Anyway, that might make up for some of the fees they charge.


If I can do it, pretty much anyone can. I don't even own an electric can opener, that's how Luddite I am.

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It's really very easy and if the books are a bit pricy to begin with or rare, it can be worth the time listing, packaging and mailing them. I live very close to my post office, so it was quite convenient for me.


I went through our bookshelves one summer and sold several books that were important once but were no longer or were bought on impulse and never read. I've unloaded kids books that were good but not great and books we were given as gifts but didn't really have any interest in reading. (My MIL seems determined, despite a gentle conversation about it, to make me like one of her favorite authors.)


Give it a try.

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