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Visiting New Jersey- What should we do?

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We will be in central NJ for a few days... what should we do? I was thinking about taking the kids to a zoo, museum, park, hiking (as long as it isn't too strenuous because I will be carrying the baby and I have a six year old...), to the beach, an amusement park, etc. I am looking for something affordable. What are the hidden jewels all you local people know about? Please share... :001_smile:


PS- We will be in Berlin, NJ. I don't want to have to drive much more than an hour to get wherever we are going... Any help you could give would be welcome. Thanks!

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Liberty Science Center is in Jersey City and has a park with a beautiful view of NYC skyline.

Adventure Aquarium in Camden - depending on when you are going I think they are having homeschool days soon.


Manhattan is a pretty quick train/bus ride from many points in NJ and has lots of museums.


You will have to check around to see which beaches are still open. There shouldn't be any fees for access at this time of year - no swimming but if your kids like they can play on the beach and some boardwalks/amusements may still be open for at least limited hours.


EDITED TO ADD: I just looked it up and Berlin seems to be pretty far South (below Trenton) and on the Western edge of the state. In this case, your best bet is probably Philadelphia rather than NYC. The Cape May zoo is absolutely beautiful and you are real close to the Camden Aquarium. The Liberty Science Center and many of the shore points (except Ocean City/Atlantic City area) are probably too far North for you.

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The Franklin Institute in Philly is hosting a traveling Cleopatra exhibit right now www.FI.edu If you're not into poor Cleopatra, the rest of the museum is WONDERFUL for kids of all ages. There is one area on the bottom level specifically created for the preK/early elementary set, btw.


We love all the hands-on possibilities there :) Ds17 and dd15 have even asked that we NOT go to the Cleopatra exhibit until they are able to go with us.


You might also want to look for an apple orchard near where you'll be staying. Going to pick a bagful might be a lot of fun for everyone.


I also agree that the Adventure Aquarium in Camden (just across the river from Philadelphia) is worth a visit.

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It's not too far from Berlin. You could e mail or call for directions.


We live about 1/2 hr from Berlin and have a family membership to Cedar Run.

They are an organization that helps injured wildlife. They are located in the pine barrens and have some nice indoor displays about the area and its flora and fauna.


Best of all they have a nice short hike that will give you a taste of the pine barrens and will lead you to the enclosures where they keep the animals that were too injured to be returned to the wild.


We go there often for a nice relaxing get away during the school day. It is usually very quiet and peaceful. It's inexpensive too.






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