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Grammar/Vocabulary for 3rd - I think I may have too much planned.


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In my limited experience, if a child is not the slightest bit interested in learning a language...he/she will not do very well. YMMV obviously and if YOU are excited about Spanish for Children then he might pick up on your excitement. My boys are NOT interested in a for. language yet. I wasn't about to plunk down the $ knowing they would fight me all the way. Again, YMMV. My dd11 really, really wanted to learn Spanish...she's flying through it! Loves it! As for Latin...none of us are too excited about it. Dd will use VFCR A next year for Vocab. and roots practice. I'm trying to get myself to try out LC1 this summer.


The rest of your schedule looks great. Doesn't look like too much Grammar/English to me. Give the Spanish a try...like I said...your excitement might possibly rub off on ds!

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