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Mudpies to Magnets but for use with Math and manipulatives?


Same age, range 2-5. I just don't have enough creative juice left to keep coming up with my own math games using manipulatives with my 3 year old. I love the way Mudpies to Magnets is set up, I'd like something like that for math. Ideas?

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I also like number and logic games for preschoolers.


Family Math can be fun too, but might be a bit much for those ages.


There are activity books for most manipulatives, Rainbow Resource carries lots. And you can see pictures and reviews there.


I have just gotten Hands on Math and haven't even looked through it yet, but it is supposed to be activies for different manipulatives.


There are also books called Thinking Kids Math (again I haven't seen them but they might fit).

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One of my favorites for the preschool set is More Than Counting. It does approach math from an experiential pov--so kid-designed strategies for coming up with the answers are ok'd. I would not continue with that method, but it is GREAT for preschool.

There are lots of sorting suggestions, some simple games, and just neat ways of developing number sense.

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