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US History??


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I don't know about the Christian perspective, but for 3rd grade this is what I am planning on.

Story of the World 3 as my spine.


Part 2 of the first volume of The story of the USA vol. 1

All but the last Chapter of The story of the USA volume 2 (We will finish and do volume 3 for 4th.) I like this as it is workbook style and can be done independently.


I am reading The Landmark History of the American People out loud to DS and he is reading the Horrible Histories: The USA


We will do 2 Evan Moor pockets. Life in Plymouth Colony and The American Revolution.


I have a big project that I am planning on the Oregon Trail


We also have a lot of reading books

The courage of Sarah Noble

The Witch of Blackbird Pond


childhood of famous Americans

if you...

Johhny Tremain

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I like using the 5th (Early Explorers - 1815) and 6th (1815-2000) grade level Veritas Press History Cards for that. Each grade level has 32 cards, so you'll need to cover roughly 2 per week to get an overview of American history form the 15th-20th centuries. The front of each card gives you an illustration (a famous painting, a line drawing, a photo of an artifact), a heading, and a date. The back of the card gives a 1-2 paragraph summary of why the person or event is important, then a list of readings to be done to go with that card. You can pick and choose from the readings, or select your own. You can also learn to sing the song that puts all of the cards in chronological order.


We found this a really helpful organizing principle for our study of US history. There were times when we did a lot of outside reading and times when we barely did more than read the back of the card... I mostly used their recommendations for what to read of Hakim's History of US, though you might also look at their other main resource, A Child's Story of America. I did *not* find the teacher's manual / workbook fit us well. There was a neat map activity in the back of each, etc, but the day-to-day assignments were dry and rather overkill for younger students.

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Not Christian, but The Complete Book of U.S. History is great for using off and on as you suggest in your post. What I really liked about it was that especially after 1900, it covers some VERY interesting lesser known aspects of history. It is softback, about 300 pages, written for grades 3-5, has lots of color illustrations, and is quite inexpensive (Amazon has some used for $1 + shipping), so it makes a great supplement.


Also, not a spine, and not Christian, but for grades 3/4 we also really enjoyed the OLDER versions of Cornerstones of Freedom series (many by Conrad Stein), with each book being about 30 pages long, with illustrations, and focusing on a specific event in American History


BEST of luck! Warmly, Lori D.

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I am using The Complete Book of US History, which has seemed very neutral so far, along with A Beka's 3rd grade history book. I am also using Scholastic's 3D Interactive Maps. I'm adding library books, crafts, recipes and more as I go. I've got several moms that I mail my list of resources out to every couple of weeks or so. I could send you the planned schedule and what we've had so far as well as add you to my group if you like. Just let me know.

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Help.. I am drawing a blank.... the books by Peter Marshall (I think :001_huh:) There is a series of 4 books I think.... Not textbooks by more like SOTW... Off to google... this is going to bug me if I cant remember :glare:


ETA: Here we go! But there are 9 books :blush: sorry I thought only 4


ETA again: I think the main books are From Sea to Shining Sea, Sounding Forth the Trumpet and The Light and the Glory (somebody correct me if I am wrong)

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found the books I was looking for
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