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What comes after Little Women?


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I'm reading Little Women aloud to my 9 yo. She loves it! I am loving it too. The first time I read it, when I was young, I didn't care for it and stopped at the girls' newspaper. I think I just didn't get all the references to Pilgrim's Progress and Pickwick Papers. Then later I read it again, but I developed an irrational anger over the fact that Jo didn't wind up with Laurie! I found it hard to forgive the author! LOL! This time though it is finally clicking and I am thoroughly enjoying it.


Anyway, aren't there other books by Alcott that also deal with these characters? I remember seeing a book entitled Jo's Boys many years ago? We are almost done with LW and I need to line up our next read aloud. So what book do we read next?



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Little Women - Good Wives - Little Men - Jo's Boys


Various editions group various sections/books together. . .


Love, love, love those books!


Wow, really?! I never knew about Good Wives. Ok, I just put a hold on it at our local library. Thanks for sharing!


:001_smile: Melissa

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