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What's the latest popular science programs for high school here?

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I've just started hanging out on the high school board so I haven't followed any previous discussions.


I'm looking at science programs for 9th grade. They'll be finishing up Rainbow Science this summer.


What are some of the popular programs you've seen come up on the boards here? I'm happy to do a search for previous discussions if I have some names to go on, or if you have the time, a brief discussion of what's good/bad about it would be great.


They are not going into anything remotely related to science and cannot handle advanced math at this time. but I still want one that will prepare them for any ACT or college minimal needs as well as understanding scientific dialog for their own future benefit.


I'm looking at a Christian perspective, not really young earth, though my ideal one would be a program that gives perspectives on all so they are well rounded. I'm also okay with secular if it does not demand a purly materialistic worldview.



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The most popular science program for homeschoolers is Apologia--they have a complete high school series. It is young earth creationist. We are Christian but I didn't care for Wile's tone or the wordy style of his texts so I picked some other options. (BTW, we did Rainbow too and really liked it). My older ds did A Beka Biology last year, is now doing The Spectrum Chemistry, and next year will do Conceptual Physics. After that he can choose to do an advanced/AP study of one of those subjects or take some science at the cc. He is looking at microbiology as a possible career. My younger will do the same series in high school but he'll be older and may not do any more science after those three. He is a mathematician to the core but not so crazy about science.


HTH! At least now you have some names to research. :)

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What's your opinions about A Beka biology in comparison to Apologia in depth and difficulty? I don't know if I'd care for Apologia from what little I've read. I love Rainbow so I expect we'd like Spectrum but I was kind of hoping to start on biology. I think they'd relate to that a bit better as a high school starter subject. I fear Physics due to the mathematical components. We'll hit that last.

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Well, I didn't spend a great deal of time comparing the depth and difficulty of the two programs because I rejected Apologia for other reasons.:D Also, I wanted something with a lot of hands-on lab work and I didn't realize at the time that I could get a lab kit and supplement the Apologia text with it. At the demos I saw it was all text and computer and that wasn't what I wanted.


I ended up choosing A Beka because it was recommended by a community college biology prof and homeschool dad who does bio labs for homeschooled high schoolers in my town. I took two years of bio in high school, including AP, and I thought the content of the A Beka bio was challenging and very appropriate for 10th grade (which is the year for which A Beka recommends it). My ds used it in 8th but biology is just his thing. He was ready for high school-level bio after finishing Rainbow in 7th. My younger ds will not be doing the A Beka bio next year as an 8th grader, he'll wait until 9th or possibly even 10th.


You will definitely want to do the lab component of A Beka to get the most out of it. Lab kits are available from various suppliers. A Beka also offers a DVD of lab demonstrations but I believe a lot of learning happens with hands-on experience!

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My dd just finished BJU Life Science in 8th grade and is taking BJU Biology is 9th. I can't compare to ABeka, but I do like BJU. I think it is less wordy that Apologia, goes into more detail, and the labs are superior. That said, you do have to complete the labs to count as a lab component. Companies sell complete kits, though.

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