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Sports obsessed 8 year old, give me your best ideas!


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Teach math using baseball statistics. I am waiting on my 6 yo to get to this point. There is (or used to be) a book on Amazon that does this for you. I briefly searched for it and came up with this, instead, which also looks like great fun:





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Have him read about famous athletes and narrate what he learns.


Use sports to teach math skills as every game has some sort of math related to it.


Investigate the science of sports - physics & biology would be great. There's also an ESPN show dedicated to the science behind athletes and different sports. My son & dh love it.

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I'm looking for creative ideas on how to harness ds's sports obsession into meaningful learning. Please give me all of your best ideas! :bigear:



My older son learned his 7 time tables by computing football touchdown scores.


There is also a football unit study. http://slarizona.tripod.com/football_unit_study.htm I have this in my favorites so I can glean ideas when my little guy gets a bit older.


There is also a kids NFL football site where you might get some ideas and is a decent place for kids who are into football to learn about the game.


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