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Oak Meadow for Middle Schoolers


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I know it's early, but I am actually looking toward curriculum for next year.:blink: I am particularly looking at OM for my 2 of my ds, 6th and 8th grade. I like the history and science at those levels but I prefer MCT for language combining it with Lightning Lit, and using MM and Kinetic Books for math. I used Oak Meadow a couple of years ago when my youngest ds was in K, but it was just too laid back for us. I tend to need either schedules or clear ways to break the curriculum up to make a schedule. Are the upper OM grades broken down in clear schedule formats?:bigear:



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OM provides a weekly schedule. Some people like that approach where they just know to get everything done that week.


Other people (like me) prefer it broken down by day- I LOVE Oak Meadow though and refuse to let that deter me lol- so what I suggest is each week, look ahead a week, and see what needs to be done the following week, and then write or type out a daily schedule for yourself. So for instance you look at their list of Language Arts activities and go "okay, they have X number of things listed, so let's do these two things each day and then we'll finish by the end of the week" or whatever.


And then you have something to at least loosely follow- if you find you DON'T get to something, it's no big deal to just tack it on elsewhere over the week.


Once you've done a few weeks, you'll figure out the rhythm of how long each thing is taking and then maybe you won't even need to do that anymore.

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