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What would you use for self education?

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I sent my oldest son back to PS this year for high school so that he could play HS sports. So I have decided I will use the time that I had set aside for self-education.


What would you use for self-education? I have Yr 1 of Tapestry of Grace and all the books that I purchased for my DS that are just sitting here since no one wants to buy them right now. Would you use that or use The Well Educated Mind?



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I'd start reading through the great books using The Well-Educated Mind as a guide. I'd also learn a new language through Live Mocha and learn a new skill like furniture refinishing or quilting or auto mechanics or something.
:iagree: This is what I was going to say! :D


I just started using Livemocha for learning languages. I like it! I think it's a wonderful tool for learning, and it's FREE! Gotta love that!


I have "The Well-Educated Mind" that I have done some of, and would like to do more as I get the time to do so. :001_smile:

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I believe the biggest part of SELF-education is finding and developing your SELF.


At the time I left my marriage 4 years ago, I had become nothing more than an appendage and had no sense of self at all. Sometimes my family didn't even treat me like an appendage that needed to be preserved, but more like a disposable battery they were free to drain whenever they needed more resources, and untimely would discard if it ceased to put out enough juice.


Yes in self-education we want to gain skills and cultural literacy, but first and foremost, we want to develop our sense of SELF.


The Artist's Way is an excellent book, that states that we were created in the image of a creator and therefore it is out purpose to be creative. It is not bad or selfish to take the time to create and nurture our inner child artist, but expected of us, and maybe even required. The book is applicable to all creativity, not just the visual art and writing. There is quite a lot of online support for this book at yahoo groups and now even Facebook I think.


I am stunned at the efficiency of learning that I am experiencing with Masterpieces of Short Fiction from the Teaching Company and Write Like Hemingway and Movies as Literatureas the spines for my literature and writing learning right now. But...it is feeding the direction that I am moving in and might not be correct curriculum for someone moving in another direction.


I have joined an online challenge to fill a sketchbook in a month, and am doing a lot of figure drawing right now. I'm still debating spending the $45.00 on The Structure of Man figure drawing DVDs, and have repurchased Drawing as a Sacred Activity.


I've been dabbling in all sorts of other stuff, but when life starts getting crazy, it just seems to fade to the background and end out in a pile :-0 bird watching, astronomy, botany and herbs, math, languages, etc.


And maybe I shouldn't say it here...but...I always end out back playing around with and studying my Rabbit Tarot deck. The little watercolor bunnies are so cute. Sometimes I just play solitaire with the deck. Sometimes I use the cards as writing prompts or journaling prompts. Sometimes I use them for problem solving and creativity, with methods developed by Mark McElroy to be used in business corporations. Other times I do study the history of using tarot for fortunes telling, and personal discovery.


Most importantly, though, I am developing my sense of self, while I'm in this process of educating, and my curriculum choices are chosen with that first in mind.

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