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Any Angelicum Academy users here?


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We're not enrolled with The Angelicum Academy either, but dd14 is enrolled in the Great Books Discussion program that is tied to Angelicum; GBP appears to be separate program.


The problem I have with Angelicum is ordering the books. Last year dd did the 8th grade socratic discussion, and I ordered the required book because I couldn't find it anywhere (an anthology). I also ordered the lesson plan but that turned out to be just a listing of pages under the weeks of the academic year - really didn't need that because the moderator for the discussion sends the weekly assignments by email. I received the lesson plan but not the book. Had to email and wait a month for the book.


I have ordered twice from their bookstore, and twice there is either something missing or late. I think they are trying to communicate better this year, because when I emailed this year I got a response within days rather than weeks. Maybe they are short-staffed. This year I ordered two study guides in June. Didn't get one until August, and that was after I remembered dd was going to start the class within a week. So I emailed and was told they had to print them over the summer. I got the first one, but the second one "will be in the mail next week." That was about 5 weeks ago.


The reason we're not enrolled with Angelicum is that we prefer to do Prentice Hall science rather than the science Angelicum uses. However, the Great Books Discussion program is fantastic.



You might want to use the Search engine on this WTM site. There are a lot of other threads about The Angelicum Academy - good and bad.

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