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Any globe recommendations & where to buy it?


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I'm a bit stumped. I've never bought a globe before. The inflatables are cheap but are they durable & functional? I'm thinking one on a stand would be better but have no idea where to get one & what features to look for. Ideally, I'd like it to have physical & political features. Is that possible?


I'm using this for a 9yo who's suddenly developed a fascination with geography. I'd like to capitalize on it :001_smile:.


Also, any curriculum for a geography curriculum that pays equal attention to all the continents? I've looked at Mapping the World by Heart & Mapping the World with Art & they don't quite seem to fit the bill. I loved the idea of Mapping by Heart but don't think I can pull it off. Mapping by art seems to focus more on cartography. I'm looking for a curriculum that focuses on physical characteristics so that when we study culture, history etc it'll make sense.



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The inflatables are cheap but are they durable & functional?


I've had mine for.... 6 years? We use our Wall Map of the World more than the globe. The details (on the inflatable globe) aren't great, but to get a general feel of the layout it does the job.


I figure after I don't have toddlers or babies then I'll get a "real" globe.

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I would capitalize on a Oregon Scientific Smart globe. My sons use that. It has games that you can play like naming the flag or country's song. It has names of countries, capitals, etc. It gives the names of the leaders of the country, current news, currency, etc. Your child will have a ball. I purchased it for $100. It was worth it. I have had it for 3 years now.


Great investment!





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Ummm - now I have more to think about. My initial reaction to the smartglobe was 'I want one.' Never heard of them before. It looks really neat. the reviews on Amazon though are so mixed. I showed DD the video & she wants it too but I think we'll check out the big stores see what they have before making a commitment. Now I know where to look.



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