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IDK, but I will say that WP's American Cultures looks like it ditches paper projects for more Unit Study projects--y'know, the KONOS-like stuff that has you making costumes, writing codes, cooking, putting together debates, etc. (Well, IDK about debates, actually, but mayb ykwim.)


What you find repetitious gives me a framework--read the spine, read a good fiction or nonfiction with more detail, do the project. The variety doesn't come in the framework, or it wouldn't be a frame. It comes in the different types of projects and the different types/plots/characters, etc. of the lit.


You've given me something to think about, tho--what does it look like to not have a framework, or have a framework that changes somehow?

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Thanks Chris....LOL you wrote as I was deleting this thread for a less complicated question on another new thread.


I like framework, but man after about 2 months, lets change it up, you know? I like a plan, but not a rut. And honestly it doesn't have anything to do with "what" we're learning, just the same old "how" we do it week after week.

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