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PA hsers: Which standardized test do you use for your dc?

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I have 2 dc who will need to be tested next year (my 3rd gr. and 5th gr.). The 3rd gr. has never taken a standardized test except DIBELS in K and 1st through our cyber. Ds9 took the PSSA's in 3rd. Dd11 took the PSSA"s in 3rd - 5th (cyber required the dc be tested EVERY year from 3-8th!). Anyway, I know they don't have to take the PSSA's so what other choices do I have? TIA.

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Sue, the PA Homeschoolers offer the Terra Nova test, mainly in the fall, but there are a few spring sites. We have used them every year-- great job, low stress, prompt results, option of taking or not taking the Science and Social Studies component. Highly recommended!





We did the PA Homeschoolers testing as well. The price was great and they were very patient with the 3rd graders who were testing for the 1st time.


I recommend it also.


I also have a friend who uses them for her high school evaluations and diploma too. She highly recommends them for this also.

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When we lived in PA we did the WRAT test. I loved it because I found it to be informative to me with easy to interpret results, not fill-in-the-bubble, inexpensive, and short. (Total time from start of test to receiving the graded form for the portfolio was one hour.) We went through this testing service and were able to attend "group testing" (6 kids max) at a local homeschool store, but she also will come to your home to test or work with you to arrange off-site group testing. Oh, and all of your kids can take the same test. There are not different tests for different ages.


The WRAT only tests spelling, math computation, and reading level, so if you want a more comprehensive test, you will have to try a different test.


My oldest did the test with PA Homeschoolers in the spring of her third grade year and did not care for it and did not test well. (I generally don't do well in standardized testing situations either.) She took the WRAT in the fall and did very well, so we just stuck with that from then on.




(Oh, and sshh, you don't see me. I'm on a board break. Sshh. I was never here.)

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