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Do you schedule workouts on the weekend?

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I don't. Sometimes we go hiking or swimming or something but I almost never walk my regular morning walk or to to an exercise class. This weekend I won't be doing much in the way of a "workout" b/c we're doing other stuff. Today daddy is staining the floor and my girl and I are cleaning, making an angelfood cake, and doing a bit of Latin hmwk. Tomorrow is mass, lunch out, ballet, and my mom over for dessert (angelfood cake with strawberries and whipped cream) for daddy it's mass, lunch and anything but ballet.


I don't exactly feel as if our weekend is negating the other 5 days of the week I do walk but . . . unless we're camping/hiking (a few times in the autumn and a few in the spring) or swimming in the summer or hiking or something, we are busy but not necessarily active.


How 'bout you? Workout on the wkend?

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Nope. I take the weekends off. During the week, I workout 4-5 days. (It was always five, but I'm taking a bit of a break.) On weekends, we usually do something active as a family on one of the days. For us, it is usually tennis or skiing. I think that it is good for your body to get a break and rest.

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