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Worst mom in the world award

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Whoever has the award needs to hand it over.


My dd (9) has a volleyball game this morning. They start at 8 and I wasn't ready and neither were the other two kids. My dh was at the gym. So, I sent her on her bike with a jacket on because I knew it was chilly. I realized a bit later that it was 52 degrees and raining. So, I sent my poor child out in her shorts, tank top and jacket on her bike in the cold rain. :crying:


My dh is going back to the gym as soon as he showers to load up her bike and drive her home after her game.


At least now she has a story to tell her kids someday. "I used to have to ride my bike in rain to go to my games."

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Nope. Sorry. I'm afraid that I still reign supreme and get to keep that title for myself. I earned it when I locked my toddler daughter in the car, strapped into her car seat, with my car keys sitting in the front passenger seat . . . in the desert in the middle of summer! Had to call 911, and some very forgiving and kind firemen showed up, broke a window to get her out. Terrifying until they arrived. Humiliating after. That award is MINE!

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