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Another day another 4,000 cal, well not quite

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This is an update on my swimmer boy who is on a low fat diet because of pancreatitis.


Stink didn't make it

fell almost 1,000 short



Cal 3,227


Fats 20.3



The day was messed up though. He had PT at 8:15 so he didn't really eat as much as he should for breakfast.


Then we stopped and shopped and he got in a funk about what I was buying for him OR rather NOT BUYING.


So he didn't eat as much at morning snack


Then I tried to make him a smoothie with the new protein powder and WHOOPs it was way too overpowering SO there was no way he could eat it all, and he only ate a small amount so again NOT enough calories. I did fix it up after we got home from swimming with more honey, MORE strawberries, and more strawberry juice.



He only had milk with some protein powder on the way home not like bread or other stuff to fill him.


we shopped on the way home too SO again no food there either.


We got home a bit later too and had to cook So he was late in eating so that means a smaller amount there too.


WE have to get this schedule down. and work on him having a menu so that we know what he'll eat. and that there is enough calories in there to begin with.

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Don't worry about one day of not enough calories. You didn't make the 4000 mark but it wasn't like you fed him only 1000 calories either. And it looks like a lot of what you served him was nutrient dense food. :grouphug: It will get easier but for right now concentrate only on one day at a time.

thanks, yeah I realize this will be a bit of a process to get it all down right.


it also highlighted that he really has to eat at regular intervels to keep it up too.


he's also lost weight. he is down to 146

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