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Toxic plants and pets - PSA

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Last night, my beloved 3yo half Norwegian Forest Cat died in my arms. My mother had sent down all her plants when she moved back to Canada last week and I did not know one of them was an ivy variety until a vet-tech friend came over to see if she could help Odin and pointed it out to me and mentioned that it was toxic to cats. I noticed Odin munching on the plants but didn't think much of it because he has always been a plant-muncher. Wednesday afternoon he was lethargic and by 9:45pm last night he took his last breath.


I want to throw out all the plants and scream at the world. My kids are devastated. Odin was their buddy; he let them do whatever they wanted to him and was a sweet, squishy, snuggle bunny. Tonight I buried him and placed a cairn over him, and tomorrow we are going to burn a picture DS7 made for him to speed his journey to Valhalla - I had told DS7 to draw out his feelings and he drew a picture of a Viking ship taking Odin up to the special place in Valhalla/heaven for pets.

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I am so very sorry about your loss. I lost my 13 year old cat, Sissy this summer to cancer and I know how much it hurts!


About 3 years before Sissy died from cancer, she ate the stem of a lily that a friend had sent to me (ironically, she sent them in memory of a rescue dog I had to put down named Lily...but I digress). She became lethargic and started vomiting - over and over and over. It took two weeks for her to recover, but we were very lucky that she did. I never realized, before that, how very toxic some plants are to cats. Lilies are some of the worst.



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Very sad! I'm sorry that it wasn't obvious to you... since it seems like you would have kept it away! It feels "not fair" to have something so sad happen when you're just trying to be nice.

I got rid of a beautiful Philodendron when my son was little because of his wanting to munch on things!


I'm VERY sorry for you and your family!!


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Thank you all for the thoughts. The kids are coping okay, but I don't think my 3 yo realizes that he isn't coming back so I anticipate a rough time with her in the week to come. The ones who are taking it the worst (other than my mum who feels really responsible) are our Pyr who was born on the same farm as the cat and they came home together - she hasn't eaten since Thursday morning, and our youngest cat who always snuggled with Odin.

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