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How many discount cards, gift cards, little punch cards for frequent purchases...

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do you have in your wallet?


I'm switching wallets for the first time in years and I'm so frustrated by all these darn extraneous space wasters---not that I'm willing to go without them...nah...I may actually go to Moe's Southwest Grill spontaneously next week? And what if they build a Bruster's ice cream on the island without my knowledge and I drive by WITHOUT my gift card?


These things happen you know. I need to be prepared.;)



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I heard of someone that used a small hole punch and put all her gift cards on a ring and kept them in her purse that way. She said she always had some 'mad money' on hand that way. It seems like you could do that for all your plastic cards. They still take up space, but they might be easier to keep track of and 'flip through' when you need one.

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I still have a Barnes & Noble gift card from Christmas because I keep forgetting to use it.


I don't forget to use my gift cards, I horde them! When I get gc for Christmas, I always wait and see what new clothes are in the "spring line" and then what about summer. "You know, I don't have an fall clothes because you can't wear spring colors in the fall!" So they never get spent because I'm always waiting on the next best thing.


When my dds were in a private school, they sold gc for a fund raiser. The school bought them at a discount, the parents paid full price. The girls have been home for 2 years now. And they stopped selling the gc the year before that!


Back to Jo's question - I have a lot of them - gift cards, loyalty cards, punch cards. I don't keep them in my wallet. They are in that little zipper pocket on the side of my purse.

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I finally put a rubber band around all of them and stuck them in a pocket of my big purse. They don't fit into my wallet, so they were always at home when I needed them. I usually always have my big purse with me in the car, even if I don't carry it into the store.


I am like you, Battlemaiden, I just don't want to miss that opportunity to use my gift card, or to amass points on a frequent buyer card. I like the free stuff!



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to fit in my wallet! I keep gift cards at home in a drawer in my jewelry box until I need them. I have several grocery store discount cards, punch cards, teacher discount cards, etc. (probably a dozen). Then there are the credit cards (which rarely get used), my bank card, library card, kids library cards to a library system we no longer use (guess I can toss those, huh?). There is a separate compartment for my coupons. Phew...I think it's time to clean out my wallet!

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