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Is there a secular-ish Generation Joshua? I love the idea, but

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Earth Scouts is cool, but isn't Generation Joshua thing focused more on politics and civics? What about getting involved in a debate team or something like Model UN? I grew up in NC and I seem to remember that there was also something there where you could do a mock state government thing as a kid and there may be mock congress groups as well...


I had to look it up, but as soon as I did, I remembered having read about it. Also certainly not for me or my kids... though I like the idea of how homeschooled kids can change the world when they grow up. I just don't think they'll all agree on how. :D

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Maybe Earth Scouts?



I wish we had one here:) My ds does participate in Cub Scouts at this time since he enjoys it. I do hope they change their policy on gays and lesbians though:(. 4H is also great:).

I'd never heard of them. They do seem to encourage people/families to be their own group, although clearly that isn't quite a group activity!

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Guest willestrada

I apologize for jumping in here, but I am the Director of Generation Joshua and I saw your discussion thread, so I wanted to jump in real quick. :-)


While Generation Joshua is a Christian organization, we do not require that students or families who join be Christians, or be conservatives. We are also open to students from homeschools, private schools, and public schools.


The email announcements, and any camps, student action teams, or other activities will come from a Christian, conservative point of view, but we respect all views.


We lead campaign activities through our HSLDA PAC, which has a non-partisan endorsement policy; however, candidates we endorse must be pro-life, and must be pro-homeschooling.


We have some students from families who are not Christians (Jewish families, atheist families). We also have students from all religious/denomination backgrounds. We encourage participation of all students in our online forums which are only open to GenJ members. There is always a very lively debate - there have been debates about whether or not gay marriage should be allowed, and many other issues. Some of the best debaters are GenJ students who advocate positions with which I personally don't agree!


And finally, if you decided to join GenJ, but you do not consider yourself to be conservative or Christian, and you didn't want to have your children participate in any activities from that angle, then you could start your own official club, and work on candidates who support your beliefs, and work on issues from your particular political persuasion. That would be encouraged!


I hope this helps. As far as Reconstructionist issues go, none of the current staff at GenJ are reconstructionists (and we're working to make sure that the information on our web page reflects that). For me personally, I believe that Christians should be engaged in politics as good stewards of the freedoms we have, but I don't support any attempts to make the U.S. a "Theocracy" or anything like that. There's a reason why Madison wrote the Memorial and Remonstrance, and I whole heartedly agree with him.


All the best,


Will Estrada

Director of Generation Joshua


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