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Free "I read banned books" embroidery design

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Awesome. I love Banned Books Week! :D


FYI, for those who don't embroider, there are some free resources, activity ideas, etc... on the American Library Association's page for Banned Books Week.


Here is a link to the most recently challenged & banned books for 2009-2010.


In honor of Banned Books Week, I went through the list & have requested a copy of Aura from Paperbackswap -- can't wait to get it & read it.



"When you finish, you . . . have gone through a total experience, a beautiful horror story, a horrifying story of beauty, a combination of Poe, Baudelaire, and Isak Dinesen, translated so agilely by Lysander Kemp that it seems to have been written in English."--Newsweek


What are YOU planning to read for Banned Books Week? Edited by Stacia
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Stacia, thanks for the links. I will investigate them over the weekend! I used to volunteer in the library at the kids' old k-8 school. The little old lady librarian (seriously!) used to throw a Banned Books Week party for all the parent volunteers. No one would ever guess under her jumper-and-seasonally-themed-cardigan-exterior lurked a rebel :D

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I would love to have that on a book tote but I don't have an embroidery machine. How would I go about getting it done?


Urban Threads has made three versions of the design available: machine embroidery pattern, hand embroidery pattern or digital art. The easiest thing to do might be to make a transfer out of the digital version (here). Then you could iron the design on a bag.


Alternately, you could make a transfer of one of the embroidery patterns, iron it on, and then paint it with acrylic or fabric paint.


Or be brave and attempt some hand embroidery on thinner fabric. Sew the result on a tote bag.

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