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I absolutely do not like to clean ovens

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I have a double oven, and the top is self cleaning and the bottom one is not. The self cleaning one always has to be scrubbed around the door. This took awhile. My kids always manage to spill things in both ovens, so they tend to get dirty fast.


I just finished the fridge - I had a couple of helpers, thank goodness.


Now I'm defrosting our deep freezer which is supposed to be frost-free but has 1/4 inch of ice in the bottom of it.


So, I am done for the day. Getting ready to move is no fun. I'm going to have a beer because, unfortunately, I am out of Mike's.

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Guest Alte Veste Academy
You're supposed to clean them????


I don't clean mine either. DH has always been in charge of making sure there is always aluminum foil neatly covering the bottom of the oven. If something gets messy, you just throw out the old foil and he'll meticulously put down fresh. :D I guess that might not work for gas though? We have always had electric.

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