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Rod and Staff Bible 5

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Hi Cindy,


My 12 and 11 yr olds *just* started Rod and Staff's Bible level 5 curriculum. They honestly like it. In fact, my dd12 touts it as her favorite subject.


I am very impressed with it. Even though it is a 'workbook' with fill in the blank, multiple choice answers, I have noticed that it asks very subjective questions (as most all R&S curriculum does) and develops good critical thinking skills! Many of the questions are posed in a way that you can't just fill in the answer in a 'word for word' format from your reading...but you have to actually THINK logically about many of them, based on other facts, in order to come up with the answer.


We will definitely be using it all levels. Even though my kids are in grades 8 and 7, I couldn't imagine NOT wanting to start at Level 5 to get the entire program in.





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We have just started using this as well. So far, my son is really enjoying it. I agree with the previous poster who said that the questions make them think. They have to read and process the Bible readings before they can successfully answer the questions. Sorry I can't offer more, but like I said, we have just started using it.

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We've used 5 and 6 and have 7 for next year. It does assume you're using the King James Bible, which we aren't. How we adapt: I read the question and dd answers (after we've read the reference). It might not be the same word that is given in the teacher's guide, but if it's the NIV equivelent, fine.


There are vocabulary match-ups using the old English and we use those as "Critical THinking" exercises... figure it out by the process of elimination and a few hints if need be.


This is such a nice basic overview of the Bible. We've retained a lot using this that we didn't reading directly from the Bible or using other curriculums.

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