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We got a house :)

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Good news! I picked up a paper this morning (it comes out twice a week) and there were several houses. One was closer to hubby's job and partially furnished. It's a little more expensive but it's a HOUSE. And the lady is going to keep the utilities in her own name and let us pay her so we don't have to deal with deposits (which is nice because waiting 30-90 days after each move for deposits back when we need new deposits is a pain). She's even getting her fosterson to bring us another table and going to talk to her brother about a tv for us. She's VERY sweet :)


Only glitch is that the last people didn't pay their cable bill so the cable company needs proof that we're new people in possession of the house so they will hook us up. So we may be without internet a few days.


Anyway, four weeks of hotel living done! YAY!


BTW, hubby HATES pipefitting usually, but he's really liked this job. He doesn't complain much and is getting lots of compliments and even a couple crews hoping to get/keep him!


And I'm sure I'll get used to living up here. It's just that rural Virginia is so much more rural than rural Texas was. It'll work out though :)

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