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We really just never know, do we?

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Dh just stopped in. His boss's wife died last night. She was in her mid-40s. She had been to her (step?) father's funeral in AZ. On her way back she had a massive heart attack in Philly at the airport there.


I never met that lady so it isn't a loss for me. I feel for her family. She leaves behind her husband and three teenage kids, and presumably a mother who just lost her husband days ago.


She hadn't been sick or had any known medical issues. This was a complete surprise.


For many of us there is no way of knowing if our time to go is today, next week or 50 years from now. It is humbling.

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Completely humbling. As I speak, our church bells are tolling for the funeral of an elderly man in our congregation. Al had congestive heart failure and was in hospice care. His death was expected. Why is that easier to take?


In my family, we all expected my older brother to die first--he has cystic fibrosis and is now 52. My oldest brother got lymphoma and died 6 years ago at 47. Not expected that he get sick and be the first sib to die. I know that all sounds a little morbid or whatever, but it's just the way we all figured it would go. But no one knows.


Life is weird. Tomorrow just isn't promised. Not here, anyway.

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