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Handy equipment for homeschool

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old fashioned, wall-mounted pencil sharpener (really sharpens well)

white board

plastic sheet protectors

copy machine--this is a big help

3 hole punch--used it a lot for our history notebook

dvd player and extention cords.


I also have a cheap comb binder and contact paper--use the cp all the time, but only once has the comb binder come in handy. I have a sticker maker, too--it was fun when dd was little, but now she just uses it for fun (I used it to make timeline figures that would stick).


There really isn't very much that's needed.


I like Kristi's chocolate idea!

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My son is 12 and very distractable. Any loud noise from my other 3 children pulls him out of his concentration and makes him loose his place in his studies.


So, I found these for him and they have been a God send !Click here: Amazon.com: Peltor H10A Optime 105 Over-the-Head Earmuff: Gateway


They mute out the noise around him and help to keep him focused on the work he is doing, especially his math.


They come highly reviewed and are one of my "favorite new items" in our homeschool this year to make "my life easier". :001_smile:


I steal them at nightime and they work great for reading while hubby is watching tv in the same room. I can now concentrate on my reading instead of getting pulled out of the book by loud noises from hubby's tv programs.


My best 2010-2011 homeschooling investment item !!

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All-in-one printer/copier. I use it multiple times a day. A 3-hole punch and *good* pencil sharpeners (both manual and electric) are also vital. I'd also say *good* pencils with good erasers (some of the cheap ones are worse than useless) and decent colored pencils (we use Crayola for coloring in maps and Prismacolor for all drawing work) are also important.


Oh, and a relatively new discovery for me? Tea warmers! I had *no* idea this is what "tea lights" are really for! ;) But now I can make a small pot of tea, stick a tea light under it, and the kids and I can enjoy herbal tea all morning while we're working. It's just lovely. :)



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Binders. Many, many binders. Without binders, I wind up with piles of papers that risk never again being exposed to daylight.


I couldn't live without my hole punch. It's a big, heavy, ugly model my former secretary gave me 20 years ago because she grew tired of my using hers, and it's the most wonderfully reliable piece of equipment I own. I'll grieve when it finally gets too dull to punch out the holes.


Does anybody have a recommendation for a Good Pencil Sharpener (and is anybody else reminded of The Barefoot Contessa exhorting us to use Good Vanilla?)? Mine is a lackluster cheapie, and math class alone demands much sharpening.

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We have a good 3-hole punch, good computer, cd players, pencils, binders, colour paper. I am saving for a whiteboard and electric pencil sharpener (and will get a wall mount one as well)


My question - we have a combo printer/scanner/copier, but I was thinking of upgrading to a laser printer which would mean sacrificing the scanner and printer functions, but would make printing faster. For those who have a laser printer, is it worth the extra $$ for replacement cartridges?

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Library card


computer (so I can be here:).)

heavy-duty 3 hold punch

rotary paper cutter

bookshelves (lots)

binders and dividers

good electric pencil sharpener

artist quality pencil sharpener for those Prismacolor pencils.

Loose-leaf paper - LOTS

Rolling back packs for toting all those library books back and forth:).

Mechanical pencils - my boys will not write without them as they like their pencils to have a fine point and this is the only way to keep them in their seats.

About 20 pairs of scissors. We really don't need that many, but we can never find them when we need them. The same for protractors.

Gourmet teas, Rescue Remedy, and, if things are really stressful, chocolate. All of these are for medicinal purposes. Those who imbibe might find Mike's hard lemonade, or even Margaritas on this list as well.

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