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Well. Talk me down, guys. I just saw Video Text at a conference.

Carol in Cal.

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Geeky sciencey person that I am, I love lots of aspects of it. I love it that it uses mathematical language from the beginning--saves so much trouble later. Reminds me of Real Science 4 Kids in that regard.


I love that it has a truly mathematical, logical order for teaching algebra. I like the way it integrates pre-algebra, algebra I, and algebra II into one smooth program.


I just really, really like it.


But I think it's too dense with information and short on practice to work for DD. But I really, really want it to work for her.


I sat and read the first 1 1/2 chapters (or modules or whatever they call them.) They introduce a LOT of new language in a short time. They really don't have that much practice.


But they are true math! They are not merely an extension of arithmetic! They are great. The author was there, and he thought that DD would be ready to start at this point--she is about half way through Saxon 76.


DD really hates math, but this year we switched to Saxon and backtracked somewhat, and she is doing much better and not detesting it so much. Really, I shouldn't mess with success, right? But, I only planned to use it through algebra I, as I don't like their approach to high school math.(integrated geometry. No proofs either, rumor has it?). If we switched to Video Text, DD could use it all the way through high school.


Video Text has a 30 day money back guarentee. Not long enough to really know whether this will work for us. I really, really like this program. I really, really don't think it's a good fit for DD. I really, really want it to be a good fit for DD.


Someone tell me something really, really good or really, really bad about this program. I cannot believe I am so conflicted about it.

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You are so funny!! I do not have any personal experience with this program. But, my gf does. She also fell in love with it at a conference and bought it for both her dc. It was not a good fit for them for just the reason you mentioned. She said it was too much dense material too fast and too little review and practice. It really overwhelmed her youngest and turned a math lover into a math hater. She as bought TT for next year. None of the post is probably helpful to you, but it is the only info I have on the subject. :)

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Bought it last year and my son has been doing quite well so far...so well in fact that I am going to scope out the VT Geometry program this convention. This son is 12 and doing well as an independent learner. I'm hoping it will work just as well for the other 5 kiddos waiting in the wings :) I say go for it!!

There, was that a strong enough plug ?!:D


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I saw this program at convention. I was immediately impressed with the whole program, especially that they learn the why of math not just memorize rules.


I bought Modules A-C. My dd wanted to start right away so we stopped the pre-algebra she was almost finished with and started. She LOVES it!

We are halfway through Module A and I couldn't be happier.

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If you daughter is only halfway through Saxon 76 (a sixth grade text in my mind) and just starting to settle into a groove of doing better, I wouldn't switch at this point.... I am not trying to change your mind about Videotext--but I do think your daughter needs better preparation before wading into deeper waters....


Why not keep on with Saxon since it seems to be a good fit, (perhaps even through Alg. 1), and then dive into Videotext? The added learning and maturity can only be a gain... (The Videotext website has extra practice problems for nearly every lesson--also, there is (or used to be) a Yahoo group where you can ask any questions you might have...)



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