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So, now that we are moving....

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Any great tips for packing when you have young kids and are still homeschooling? My schedule feels swamped without decluttering, packing, cleaning, and moving.


I can temporarily put off some of our subjects until after we are settled. I'm the type who needs to finish our curriculum and needs to finish it by summer. A few things in our curriculum will be finished before June so I can take a break on those subjects now rather than finish them early. Others need to continue through the packing and moving.



(Yes, we got approved for the house. We'll be officially moving in November 1st but we are hoping they'll let us have keys to start moving in earlier.)

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I was going to say packing becomes a subject and we took off two full weeks when we moved. We're planning a move again, probably about the same time as you, and I'm not sure of our game plan this time.


Can you try to limit school to certain hours and do the important subjects first. Then allow the older dc some independent time while you work on the packing.


I'm excited you got the house, it sounds great.

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