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Good books you've added for History?


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We're in the Medieval period now and I have 4 in different levels, so I look for books that span age groups, but can layer and not be overkill for the next go round.


Gareth Hind's graphic novel Beowulf is awesome.




Graphic, blood, ripped ligaments-the boys loved it. The girls were awed. It brought about great discussions-They were surprised Grendel's mother was horribly ugly-but that was because she was mean, right? Ugly = Evil and Beautiful = Good? Very cool discussion. So was a discussion on Hrothgar's telling Beowulf to maintain his humility.


The parts of text that Hinds highlighted were thoughtfully chosen and worked so well for a first overview. (He's coming out with The Odyssey this month-makes me want to go back and reteach that!)


also Beowulf: An Illustrated Edition by Seamus Heaney and John Niles is great. I already have Heaney's translation (which is just gorgeous) but as I was searhing my library online I came across this and borrowed it-I wasn't disappointed. Not something I'd go buy, but worth taking out.




Anyone discovered some good books so far?

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