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Educational computer software

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Can any of you recommend some good quality educational computer software for my kids? They are 7 and 3. Any subject/topic. Dh is looking to get them some things they can use that are not junk. We bought some stuff recently that looked awesome and was cheap, and when DH installed it he said it was horribly made and threw it out. Thanks for your suggestions!

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I'll be listening for ideas as well. We have purchased a lot of "educational" computer games over the years and have always been disappointed.


For now we like Read, Write and Type (online version), Starfall (also online) and time4learning (used for fun not as part of our curriculum), JumpStart Online (also includes downloadable games that are not too bad). Jumpstart Online has an online world which is ok but isn't all that educational imo, but the downloadable games have some really nice learning activities built around a storyline that my son enjoys.

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I bought JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade for my big girl and not only did I get the disk for JS but 3 additional disks - one for math, reading and spelling. My big girl really enjoys JS. My only "complaint" on the actual JS program is that you have to do SO MUCH to get up to the next unit.

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