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my father's world high school

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I guess my daughter spends about 5-6 hours a day on school stuff. Sometimes longer when she's working on writing a longer paper. But that's everything -- Bible, History, English, biology, geometry, foreign language, computer programming. She breaks up the day and intentionally does some of it in the evening.



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Just for AHL it takes him about 3 hours. Longer when he has to write a paper.

About 3-4 hours more to do Alg1, Biology, spanish and violin.


He starts at 8am and is usually finished on heavy days around 3ish with everything. But he likes to take breaks to go out and play soccer, play with the baby, eat snacks etc. He is a slow reader, so it didn't take my dd quite that long.



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As the others said -it takes my daughter about 1 hour a subject for the MFW AHL portion of her day-one hour bible, one hour English, and one hour history-She adds math, science, logic, and violin/Music theory thru Teaching Co. to the mix-she is usually done by 3 each day w/ a little more time needed if she is studying for a test or doing a writing assignment.

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My son has been schooling from 8:30 to 2:30 with AHL (3 weeks so far). When he has an outside activity (YMCA class, book club), then he has to do some geometry or some reading at night. He's doing MFW's 3 credits, MFW lesson plans for Rosetta Stone & Geometry, Science (Physical Science reading with me or lab program with dad), and at least one elective each day (phy ed, computer programming, etc.). Oh, and the SAT prep book on "Fridays" (which aren't usually Friday here).


We do a lot with audiobooks (the Bible) and me reading aloud (AIG book), so I don't know if that makes things take longer or go faster? But we have time in the day to really discuss what he's learning. I love that time is taken these first weeks to really think through all of his possible questions about whether history started with God :)



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