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Would Island of the Blue Dophins be appropriate for an 8 year old dd?

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My 8 year old has read it and loved it! There is some drama which might be disturbing for a sensitive child. Early in the story there is a battle where many are killed (including the girl's father). While her entire village is relocating, she jumps off the boat and swims back to the island because her little brother was left behind. Before long the little boy is killed by wild dogs and she is alone. I think the story is excellent and well worth reading.

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I too think it is a great book. I will have to say, though, that if your child is sensitive it might be too much. I read it myself and could "feel" the loneliness and sadness that she went through. 12yo dd read it and I think it affected her the same way, BUT she is ultra-sensitive and it didn't bother her. We did it with the Progeny Press study guide.



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I think my girls were about 8-10 when they read it. The youngest saw the movie (think it was Disney) when she was small, so the events weren't a surprise to her. When you have older ones, it's sometimes hard to screen everything the younger ones see.


The events, especially the death of the younger brother, did bother my girls. But the character of the girl is memorable. They do all remember the book, very distinctly, years later. And they all love it.

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