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Latin Alive

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It is perfect for me!


All my Latin books were too confusing, I am working through Latin Alive so I can teach my children Latin better. It is logically organized and much easier for me to understand than the books I was trying to figure out Latin from.


Of course, I tell people only half joking that I lost half my brain with each child and not all of it came back, so it might be too easy for someone who has not had children!

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Let me first say, I do not have a lot of Latin experience. I took Latin in high school but do not remember much.


We are using Latin Alive this year doing about 1 chapter a week with the dvd's. I think this is a high school credit. The book work and assignments are not too time consuming but I create a quiz after each chapter over the vocabulary and translations. There is lots of vocabulary and lots of memorization. It probably takes the most "study time" out of all our classes. We are also doing BJU Spanish 1 with DVD's and that takes far less study time

than Latin Alive.


The Latin Alive website also offers review exercises for the students to do before each of the big unit tests (which are in the book, after about 6 chapters).


The program also offers Country and State Motto projects, which we haven't added in yet.


This has, suprisingly, been our biggest "hit" of this school year.

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A late reply...I'm teaching Latin Alive to high schoolers this year (some have had Latin, some not) and everyone's doing extremely well with it. I've used other Latin currics in the past, and this is by far my fave. I use LfC for 5th/6th through 8th grades and start Latin Alive in 9th, and I've found it to be just right. :)

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I just started teaching Latin Alive 1 to a group of students, all eighth graders, including one of my own. I am also teaching Wheelock's to my high school freshman, and I have taught just about every other Latin program out there. :001_smile:


It's obviously not Wheelock's, but I think a Latin Alive level done in a year would be worth high school credit, based on the excessive amount of research on high school credits I've done over the past few months. :D I'd say if Wheelock's is Honors Latin, Latin Alive would be the regular high school level. :001_smile:

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