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I need to be writing, & I need help...

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Dh's papers are due this week, & he let me read the last one (big deal--hasn't let me touch one in years, lol), & I was actually afraid I couldn't do it.


I taught writing at the hs/college levels for about 10 yrs before "retiring" to hs (er, homeschool here, highschool above). My favorite part of my degree was writing the papers. *That* was what made all the reading really worth while.


Anyway, after helping dh w/ his paper the other night, I can't stop thinking about how much I miss it, ya know? Not *just* the writing, but the sustained thought, the analysis, organization, etc. Dh thinks I'll need to go back for my phd someday, & while I always thought I would...I'm pretty happy w my creative writing for now. Well, & hs'ing, & babies. Maybe I'll feel more like I could handle school & teaching & everything when they're older.


But for now. I'd like to use that part of my brain w/out nec returning to school yet. I am writing some fiction, which I love, but...I want the other kind, too. Something short-term w quicker feedback, to use my other set of writing skills. I've been thinking about writing something for hs magazines for a while, but I have no idea where to start. I'm used to school assignments, lol, w/ specific requirements & deadlines. This shot-in-the-dark thing...well...dinner & diapers easily take precedence over that.


I've got a contract on a short story right now (my first), but the only reason I've got that is because I contacted the editor in a chatty sort of way. She extended her deadline (although I didn't ask for that!), & then I felt *obligated.* Which was a nice kick in the pants, kwim?


So, suggestions?

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What happened to the idea of editing college student papers for pay? I thought you'd be very good at that, plus aren't you living on a college campus and in need of $$$? I think that would be a lot easier to do than writing for publication (although that sounds interesting too!).

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