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used curriculum sales question--specifically cashier's check


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I'm probably just paranoid.


Does a person really need your phone number for a cashier's check? Maybe she's paranoid of me? :lol:


I'm just worried because the English is a bit off. I asked for paypal only. (it's not on this forum, which is another worry).


And can I walk into a bank and cash a cashiers check without waiting for it to clear? She said I would wait for the check to clear and ship the item. It just sounded a bit weird that she explained that to me. I thought I wouldn't have to wait for a cashier's check to clear?

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It is most likely a scam with a counterfeit cashier's check. They might send it for more than the price and then ask for a check back from you. Generally you have to cash the check at your own bank, so that if it is counterfeit they can charge it against your account. Often it can take more than 2 weeks for the check to be returned.

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