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My library made a youtube video that mentions homeschoolers

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This has sparked some interesting conversation around our table. I said I was surprised that this video was mentioned on the Today Show and dh said, "Well, not to speak too poorly of our library, but that's just how desperate NBC is for news.":)


Dd17 has some videos on youtube so her dad said that her next one should be of her singing and dancing to which dd17 replied, "I'm going to take a video of you singing and dancing, Dad!" Dh quipped, "That won't be possible because I'm going to lock the bathroom door next time I take a shower.":tongue_smilie:


Never a dull moment around our house.:D


Kim - we have a great library, don't we? They really are very nice to homeschoolers.


Treehugger - Actually, the last time we were in there I praised them very highly. They run and get all my holds when they see me coming in the door.:)

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I just have to tell you that I sent the link to my mother who is the director of her county's library system and she thought it was fantastic. So she showed it to everybody in her system and they also thought it was fantastic, so much so, that the man over my mother is taking it to the state library conference to share it there. Thanks!

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