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Impressed with R&S phonics...seriously!

Robin's Song

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...but more as a spelling program!


I purchased R&S phonics a few months ago because it looksed solid. It doesn't get discussed much, but when it does it usually does not have good recommendations. I knew I wanted a good phonics background to make spelling easier, but I don't have the time to figure out SWR or the $$/patience for AAS :D.


Anyways, I shelved it because I didn't think we would have time to get to it. We do, and imagine my surprise when DD loves it! It made her brain hurt, in a good way ;) We started in unit 2, which picks up right after they finish vowel and consonant sounds. She learned to spell words with a-e, ai, and -ay. I taught the rules and then dictated words like "paid", "hay" and "wake". We probably went through 20 words (she was having fun) and she was able to spell all of them because she understood the rules. We did a small portion of the worksheet that I thought would be helpful, but most of the work was done on the whiteboard. We basically modified it the way many people modify R&S grammar. In the future I think I will continue to use the whiteboard but switch it up with our letter magnets and letter tiles.


To clarify, she is learning to read with OPGTR so R&S is coming behind as reinforcement and spelling (similar to how we were using ETC, but more intense). I also own R&S Spelling but I am going to wait until next year because I see such value in the R&S phonics program.


I just thought I'd throw this out there since I don't see it discussed much!

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Do you know of an addy online to view a sample?


Make sure you are looking at the phonics (especially the teacher's manual), not the reading. It's hard to tell but look at the title in the top right of each page.




I kind of hate to link it because the samples really don't do it justice...

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