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S/O College Professor thread

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Ok, so that thread got me to wondering.


If something you were doing was offensive, or even just irritating, to someone else, would you want that person to let you know so you could make an informed decision about whether to stop doing it, or would you prefer that they just kept their objections to themselves? Would your answer be the same in a friendship as it would in a work setting? In a work setting, would it make a difference to you whether the person was your superior or you were their supervisor?

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I'd want to know. Not saying it would stop me from doing it, but I'd take it under consideration.


That's where I'm at with it too. I was just sort of surprised by the number of people who said not to let the professor know, and kept thinking, if I were the professor, I'd at least want to know I was doing something that was a problem for a student. As you say, I may or may not stop doing whatever it was, but I think I'd at least like to be given the option.

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oldest dd is a professor. she would want to know, but in a "i noticed this and it bothered me" way, not in a "you are horrible and must change" way.


fil was a professor. if he made a factual mistake, he would have expected to be told, but a stylistic difference he would have considered unimportant.


for me, it would have to be something a number of students had commented on, and not something most folks hadn't noticed.




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