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I must slay the mountain of clothes. (m)

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I know this has been discussed before, but I've been through several pages on searches and not finding it.


I just rotated clothes and I'm completely disgusted by the amount of clothes I have to get rid of. We just have way too much. What do you or would you consider to be your minimum amount of clothes for the kids. I'm thinking something like:


5-7 undies

5-7 socks

2 pjs

4-5 play outfits

1 dress outfit (maybe two for girls)

1 tennis shoes

1 sandals

1 dress shoes


I normally have no problem doing a load of laundry every day. Except when I let it slide because I don't *have* to get it done in order to have clothes to wear.

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We just moved and I could swear that I went through all the kids clothes before I packed them up but they bred while they were in the boxes. I think that I have more than I started with. So I am having the same questions. I am thinking

10 socks

1 pair nice shoes

1 pair tennis

10 shirts

7 pants

7 shorts

10 underware

and then dresses. (Yea my only girl and we are a sucker for a pretty dress)


This is what I think I am going to do this weekend. Freecycle has made it so much easier to get rid of clothes. I love that it goes to someone who needs it, and that it is not dependent on me getting them out of the house. Good luck with your "mount washmore"


Jenny B

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I've been tackling my own mountain today - just washing it, but this made me stop and think that I need to get RID of more so I don't have as many (in theory) to wash and put away!!!


I have boys, so it seems like it should be simple:


- A week's worth of socks, undies

- Maybe four each of jeans, shorts

- 7 tshirts

- a few long-sleeved shirts

- a polo or two

- Church clothes


Huh. I know I have WAY more than I think is necessary. Maybe I'll tackle that this weekend, too! Good luck!

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