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teaching parts of speach and diagramming?

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My 8yo dd is struggling with truly grasping diagramming and parts of speech - nothing complicated: simple subjects and predicates, noun, verb, and being introduced to direct objects. If the sentence is 3 or 4 words, she has no trouble. If the sentence is longer, she gets lost. We are using R&S grammar, 3rd grade, a solid but gentle program. We have done the review worksheets. Still very shakey on the topic. Now we have a vocabulary assignment that wants her to decide if the word is a noun, verb or adjective and because she is struggling in grammar, I am stumped.


Any ideas?

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I've found the R&S grade levels to be advanced. I wouldn't worry about it too much at this age yet. Yes, it seems gentle, but these are such abstract concepts, sometimes it just takes time.


Only one of my children has worked at grade level in this program. My current 9th grader is finishing up 6 and knows more about grammar than I ever learned!


My 4th grader is finishing up grade 2 and easily grasping it. We'll move on to 3 in a couple weeks. We tried it in 3rd and he just wasn't getting it, so we put it off.


ETA: AFter trying my current 4th grader in R&S3 in third grade, I went back to FLL - memorizing the definitions, pronouns, etc. Pure memory work. Then, we gradually started trying to apply it. R&S2 was right up his alley at that point.

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