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BFing and Antihistimines

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Okay....I have avoided antihistimines through 3yrs (combined between 2 kids) of nursing for fear of the dry up factor. BUT....I am miserable with allergies and have been for months. How big of a risk am I really taking by taking some? If it does affect my milk supply, how hard would it be to recover that? I know the traditional ways to build supply, but does that apply when the loss is due to something like this?


Then, the question becomes "do I care?" I've been toying with weaning DS anyway, but he's so not ready. Maybe a drop in supply will help with that. But is that what I really want?? Ugh, I just don't know.

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I think Sudafed is the worst as far as drying you up. I'd take benadryl or claritin and not worry about it at all.


I take Sudafed a lot. Not by choice. I just often cannot breathe without it. I've also taken half doses of Benadryl. It's never affected my milk supply, but I am what the lactation consultants refer to as a Milk Goddess.

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www.kellymom.com is a great resource for taking drugs while BFing. I really wish they'd label drug packages with more than "please consult a dr. if pregnant or bfing". :glare:


I also suffer from allergies (and have BF my DC for 18-26mo each). I've taken Claritin/Alavert and Zyrtec with no supply problems. Right now, I take Alavert since Zyrtec makes me too sleepy to be a functional mom of 4. :lol:


The risks of Sudafed are when you take it on a regular basis. I would just take one at night to help me sleep. I had to quite taking it this summer because it was keeping me up all night (one of the warnings to stop taking it). I've never had supply issues though...you may not want to risk it if supply is already an issue.

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